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Tired of dirty Timberlands?

We’ve all been there. Our favorite boots get a little too dirty for our liking, and we must figure out how to clean them. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Not only are Timberlands an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, but they also happen to be one of the easiest shoes to clean. All you need is some vinegar and water, and you can have them look as good as new in no time.

Follow these simple steps on how to clean Timberland boots with vinegar and see the results for yourself.

Step by Step Guide to Wash Timberland Boots With Vinegar

Anyone who owns a pair of Timberland boots knows they are an investment. Not only are they pricey, but they also require a lot of upkeep to keep them looking their best. Fortunately, below is an inexpensive and effective way to clean Timberland boots with Vinegar without any fuss:

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to clean the work boots using a household ingredient like Vinegar:

Step 1: Take out the shoelaces

First, you need to take out the shoelaces. After removing, wash and clean them with warm water and household soap. If your shoelaces are too dirty, we advise you to rinse them in soapy water to remove the dirt and other debris. Then, please put them in the open air for drying.

Step 2: Remove the Stuck Dirt and Mud

After removing the shoelaces, it’s time to get rid of caked mud and dirt from your Timberland work boots. Don’t skip this step, as this process is vital for properly cleaning your shoes. Apart from it, the vinegar can be messy if you scrub or apply it on muddy boots.

So, it’s advised to get rid of caked mud. This is easy, and the best way to do it is via baby wipes, as these wipes don’t affect the boot’s surface.

After that, take some bread slices and start scrubbing them on the boot’s stains.

If your boots have stubborn stains, we recommend using talcum powder on your Timberland work boots.

Lastly, don’t forget to clean the shoe’s soles. For this purpose, we recommend using the suede brushes as they are soft and remove the stains effectively.

Step 3: Prepare Cleaning Mixture

After cleaning your boots, you need to make the Vinegar solution. This is simple; take Vinegar and mix it into Luke warm water.

While preparing the Vinegar solution, take one spoon of vinegar (preferably white vinegar) and mix it into one cup of Luke warm water. Then mix them both well.

You can also prepare this vinegar solution in a standard water bucket. If you want to do so, soak your work Boots in solution for at least 25 minutes.

Step 4: Apply the Vinegar and Water Solution

Now you can apply the white vinegar mixture to your boots. To do so, take a soft fabric and soak it in the solution. Then apply the solution to your Timberland boots. Ensure that all surface gets cleaned with the solution and leave your boos for up to 15 minutes.

After that, scrub the caked stains. You can use the soaked cotton to remove those tough stains. Rub gently as hard scrubbing can be harmful to your boots. If the stains are too stubborn, use the soft-bristled brush.

Step 5: Rinse Your Boots

Use the Luke warm water to wash your Timberland Boots. While doing so, ensure to wash and remove all the excess soap and water. To do so, keep your boots under running water.

Step 6: Allow the Boots to Air Dry

Then, put your Timberland boots in an open space to air-dry. Keep them in the open air for a couple of hours. After that, you will see a clean and tidy boot.

Step 7: Brush your Boots

Finally, brush your Timberland boots to remove any remaining dirt and give your shoes a nice finishing touch. However, ensure that your shoes are dry before brushing them.

An aggressive way to Clean and Shine Timberland Work Boots

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent. It’s versatile, affordable, and effective. But it’s also acidic. And while that might be great for removing stubborn stains, it can also damage your shoes if you’re not careful. This method is recommended only when you are out of options.

So, use this method as a last resort and always be careful when using vinegar on your Timberland work shoes.

Timberland Boot Shining with White Vinegar 

Vinegar is an excellent ingredient that you can also use to shine boots. Follow these steps to shine your boots with white vinegar.

  • Take one tablespoon of white vinegar and mix it with three tablespoons of linseed oil and 1/3 of the reliable leather conditioner. 
  • Now, dip the soft cotton in the solution for at least 2 minutes. 
  • Take the soaked cloth and rub the solution on the boot’s surface. 
  • Allow them to absorb the solution.
  • After that, take the soft brush to buff your boots. It will also bring back the lost shine. 
  • Now you can wear shiny Timberland work boots and enjoy. 

Why Use Vinegar to Clean Timberland Work Boots? 

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of Timberland work boots knows they can be a pain to keep clean. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive way to clean them using household ingredients. Vinegar is a fast-acting agent that will not damage the suede. In addition, it has several other benefits.

Vinegar, especially white vinegar, is known for its ability to remove stains, and it can also help to protect the boots from dirt and grime. As a bonus, vinegar is also effective at repelling insects. Below are some notable benefits of using vinegar to wash and clean Timberland Work Boots.

  • Vinegar is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent.
  • Vinegar is the best household agent to remove scuffs, stains, and dirt from boots.
  • If used correctly, it will not damage leather material.
  • You can also use Vinegar as an odor eliminator.
  • Surprisingly, vinegar doesn’t have any harsh effects while cleaning like some other cleaners. This means great shine and proper cleaning without any risk of damage.
  • Vinegar doesn’t leave a smell behind. Its smell evaporates.

Disadvantages of using the Vinegar for Timberland Boots

As any boot-lover knows, Timberland Boots are essential to any wardrobe. They’re sturdy and stylish, and you can wear them from the city to the woods without any issue. However, Timberland Boots are not everlasting; vinegar can also damage them. 

Vinegar is a versatile cleaning agent, but not many know it is also extremely acidic. If you apply vinegar directly to leather boots, it will eat away the material and can cause irreparable damage. Besides, Vinegar can also discolor the boots and affect their water resistance.

So, next time you spill something on your Timberlands, be cautious when cleaning them with vinegar. Your boots will appreciate it.


We hope now you know How to clean Timberland boots with Vinegar. It’s a great way to get them looking as good as new without spending a fortune on special products or services. Most people have vinegar in their homes, so there’s no excuse not to give this method a try the next time your boots need proper cleaning.

Thanks for reading, and share it with your friends if they need help cleaning their boots too.

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