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Written By Ahson Zahir

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I never really thought I needed a “specific” pair of shoes for running on the beach. I just assumed normal sneakers would do.

Boy, was I wrong! After purchasing a pair of Sperry Women’s Saltwater Duck Boots, I quickly realized there is a big difference between running on sand and the pavement.

And since I love spending my weekends at the beach, I knew I had to write this review and share my findings with all of you lovely ladies. Keep reading to find out why you need a pair of these bad boys in your life! 😉

Features Of Sperry Women Saltwater Boots:

  • Features high-quality leather shaft with durable and rubberized duck shell.
  • Comes with a Rawhide barrel lacing.
  • Comes with rust-proof and highly durable eyelets.
  • Side zipper for an elegant look and easy on/off
  • Non-marking rubber sole.
  • The wave-Siping outsole offers excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces.

In-Depth Review Of Sperry Women Saltwater Boots

Sperry Women Saltwater Boots


The first thing you’ll notice about these boots is the cozy micro-fleece lining. It’s like walking on a cloud of fluffiness, and your feet will stay toasty all day long. The footbed is cushioned with a removable insole, and the toe box is roomy enough to accommodate even the largest feet. 

We did experience heel slippage, but the lining didn’t create any hot spots or blisters. Overall, these boots are comfortable and stylish, keeping your feet warm all winter.

Moreover, the leather material is flexible and allows for comfortable walking. Lastly, I also liked it rawhide upper and found it extremely flexible and supportive.


The Saltwater is the perfect boot for city-dwellers who want to add a touch of rustic charm to their look. Its dark barrel laces and subtle heel have a distinctly urban feel. The leather upper is also water-resistant, making it ideal for rainy days or slushy winters. Plus, the boots are lined with cozy sheepskin, so your feet will stay warm and comfortable all day long.

Whether pairing these boots with skinny jeans or a flowing dress, the Saltwater is sure to add a different flair of style to any outfit.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…a boot? These Sperry Women Saltwater boots are so light that they could almost take off and fly away. At just 1.9 lbs, they’re incredibly easy to carry around, making them the perfect choice for ladies who like to travel light.

And when you are ready to pack up and head home, they’ll fit nice and snug into your suitcase. So don’t let their feather-light weight fool you – these boots are tough enough to handle any adventure.


The Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot has been a popular choice for those seeking stylish rain and snow footwear. Along with its trendy looks, the boot’s Wave-Siping tread pattern provides great traction on both wet and dry surfaces. I tested the Saltwater on various flat surfaces, including wood, tile, linoleum, and concrete.

I also tried them out in both the rain and snow. The results were impressive. On all surfaces, the Saltwater provided superior traction, even when wet.

And in the snow, my feet stayed warm and dry thanks to the boot’s waterproof construction. Overall, I was impressed with the Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot’s performance across all flat surfaces. Whether you’re looking for fashionable rainwear or a stylish winter boot, the Saltwater is a great choice.


These boots are definitely up to the task when it comes to keeping yourself warm and comfortable in cold conditions. With a thick lining of micro-fleece, they can keep your feet nice and toasty, even when temperatures dip below freezing.

But what sets them apart is their breathability. Even when you’re working up a sweat, the Saltwater boots will keep your feet from feeling clammy or uncomfortable. And when the weather warms up, they’re still comfortable to wear, thanks to their Ventili-dry technology.

So whether you’re trekking through snow or just dealing with chilly spring weather, these boots are sure to keep your feet happy.

Weather Protection

When it comes to weather protection, these boots were not able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The barrel shoelaces look cool but allow snow and water to penetrate the shoes. Besides, the tongue is removable; hence you can easily get wet socks.

Despite these drawbacks, the water-resistant side zippers live up to their reputation and perform well on rainy days. Furthermore, these shoes measure around 7.5 inches from the surface, whereas the flood height measures around 4.25 inches, which means that their rubber bottom will prevent the wet elements from entering the shoes.


Sperry Women Saltwater boots are a great choice for light rainstorms. They offer high value for your money and are made of waterproof materials. They have a sleek design and are comfortable to wear. The boots are also light in weight, making them ideal for walking in the rain.

However, they are not suitable for heavy rains or snow. Overall, Sperry Women Saltwater boots are great for light rainstorms and offer high value for your money.

Things To Consider:

The Saltwater Duck Boot is stylish and well-made, but there are a few drawbacks. First, the boots are difficult to slip on or take off, requiring zippers. And second, the barrel laces are not long enough to tie in a bow, and they came undone after a while, leaving the boot loose and a bit big around the ankle.

Despite these drawbacks, the Saltwater Duck Boot is a stylish and well-made boot that will keep your feet completely dry and super comfortable all day long.

What Our Experts Say About Sperry Women Saltwater Boots:

I was roaming in the market for a new pair of shoes and did a lot of research before finally settling on the Sperry Women Saltwater. I am very glad I made that choice because these shoes are incredible. They are well-made and extremely attractive and have already been through a lot with me.

I have worn these boots in the rain, snow, and mud, which have held up remarkably well. The sheepskin insert has also been a lifesaver on cold days.

Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase, and I highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a great all-around shoe. Thank you, Sperry.


So, all in all, the Sperry Women Saltwater is a good choice for those who are looking for a new pair of shoes.

They’re stylish and functional and should hold up well against the weather.

We hope this Sperry Women Saltwater Review gives you all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Thanks for reading.

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